Shadow Image

This tool will convert your images into a single CSS box-shadow value. I do not recommend using this technique for production. This is only a tech-demo and should be used with caution.

Scroll down and see how it works.

Convert image to box-shadow

Select an image and wait a couple of seconds. This may take a while to process. It is not recommended to use images larger than 100px.

Box-Shadow Preview

How it works

Each pixel of your image will be checked for its color and position. That's basically it. With these information the tool can convert everything to box-shadow. The box-shadow element must be 1 pixel in width and height. The top-left pixel of your image will be the background color of this element and all the other pixels will be added as the box-shadow.

Yes! I do suck at descriptions.

Made with

Shadow image is a project by Max Boll aka @MyXoToD. Proud member of bullgit.

Check out the code on github.